Saturday, April 17, 2010

Girls Day Out Kitesurfing Auckland

Girls Day Out Kitesurfing is a monthly event held at different locations in New Zealand where females of all levels can come together for kitesurfing.
We have a facebook fan page and a webpage with details on upcoming events as well as photo's and news.
The event is sponsored by Ocean Extreme and supported by a group of dedicated girls who are trying to introduce the sport to women and provide a safe, female friendly environment to kitesurf in. 
Everytime we have had this event its been awesome :)  When the wind hasn't co-operated, it gave us some beach time to talk about equipment, try on other girls harnesses and talk about kite techniques and tricks.  When the wind does come up its fantastic to be out in the ocean riding with so many females, all looking beautiful with big smiles on their faces.
So if you are a girl looking to get into kitesurfing in or around Auckland, feel free to join our next event or e-mail me for more details.

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